Written by Casey Hall 7/26/21
When you work a job that keeps you on the road for weeks or months at a time, it can be frustrating to be away from the people you love. You are working hard to give them a better life, and making an investment in a better future. You want to know that all the time you have sacrificed away from them is worth it. Sometimes you question if it is. You have missed birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. There have been late night and early morning phone calls, not all of them happy. What matters most to you is your family. You never want them to worry about what may happen on the road, or if something happens that takes you away from them. The thought of them worrying about you not coming home from your latest trip keeps you up at night.

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Written by Casey Hall 8/2/21
Working a trade job like heavy construction or welding can be a great profession that allows you to make great money and provide for the family you love. Providing for them and being able to help make an investment in their future is what drives you to keep getting up every morning and working 10-16 hours a day for 6-7 days a week. Sometimes you find yourself working 16 hour days for months straight without a day off. It can harden you a bit, but you keep pushing because you want to be the breadwinner your family deserves. The money is great, but the long hours and time away from home can hurt your marriage and your relationships with your children. It is not an easy life. You worry about your family, but you do not want them to worry about you or if something happens to you while you are on the job.

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Written by Casey Hall 8/9/21
You had started working in a trade job because the money was good, but the benefits are awful or non-existent. As someone working in concrete or welding, you are away from your family a lot, and it can put a lot of pressure on the relationships with your children, your significant other, or your marriage. They worry about you, and in return, you worry about them too. You want to make sure that they are taken care of when you are on the road. You don’t want them to be scared you may not come home.

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