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Written by Casey Hall 8/9/21
You had started working in a trade job because the money was good, but the benefits are awful or non-existent. As someone working in concrete or welding, you are away from your family a lot, and it can put a lot of pressure on the relationships with your children, your significant other, or your marriage. They worry about you, and in return, you worry about them too. You want to make sure that they are taken care of when you are on the road. You don’t want them to be scared you may not come home.

There are companies out there that take advantage of their workers. Not only do they not offer you the benefits that you need, but they can try to short you hundreds of dollars in pay, or leave you in limbo with layoffs always looming when they run out of work. When you work a dangerous job, you shouldn’t also have to worry about your work being unstable and not knowing how long you will be working for a company. It makes it hard to trust people you work with when you may not be working with them for long.

Your time in the trade industry has turned you into someone who fixes any problems. With some time and trial and error, you always make anything work. This makes you someone people can depend on at your job site. The people you really care about depending on you are at home. Some of the problems you can’t fix are when the people you love miss you and worry about what happens if you don’t come home from your current job. It makes you feel like you are missing out on so many important moments.

Your family is the whole reason you are out on the road. You can’t make the same money in your hometown, so you travel, working on the road for 3-4 months only to spend 2 weeks with the people you love. It is not an easy life for you or for them. You want to make sure this time away will result in an investment into their futures. On top of that, you want them not to worry that if something happens to you, or they get sick, they have the coverage they need. Groups like Callused Hands Insurance Group can step in where your employer doesn’t

So many companies just don’t care about you. To them, you are just another number on their Excel spreadsheet. With managers and owners that are a revolving door, you never know who you are working for, and all they care about is how much money they make. If you feel like you aren’t being paid what you deserve because of the risks of working in the trades you are not alone. When they don’t provide the benefits you deserve, you can find an insurance group that knows what you need and what you are going through. They can help you make the investment into your family’s health and financial future.

Casey Hall 10+ years in Skilled Trades 

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