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Written by Casey Hall 8/9/21
Working a trade job like heavy construction or welding can be a great profession that allows you to make great money and provide for the family you love. Providing for them and being able to help make an investment in their future is what drives you to keep getting up every morning and working 10-16 hours a day for 6-7 days a week. Sometimes you find yourself working 16 hour days for months straight without a day off. It can harden you a bit, but you keep pushing because you want to be the breadwinner your family deserves. The money is great, but the long hours and time away from home can hurt your marriage and your relationships with your children. It is not an easy life. You worry about your family, but you do not want them to worry about you or if something happens to you while you are on the job.

You have always been the person who can take care of everything and everyone. If you do not know the answer to a question or how to do something, you are sure to give it everything you’ve got until you have figured it out. This drive and work ethic has made you successful in the trade industry, but it does wear on you. It hardens you and can make you seem a bit cold. The truth is you have a big heart for the people you love. The job you work has hazards, and those hazards can test your connections with the people in your life and make you question if you are doing the right thing by always being away.

You know there are risks to your job. Working at heights is incredibly dangerous. Add into that working in weather conditions ranging from 30 below zero to 110 degrees in the sweltering heat. One wrong move can end in a serious injury, or worse. Many companies don’t offer benefits like health, retirement, life insurance, or disability. This can lead to situations where a fall from scaffolding on a job can lead to the blame being placed on the employee, with the company having to give them very little. The bosses are not always great. Some are downright lazy and do not care about the workers. All they care about is the bottom line, they don’t care about the workers in concrete or construction.

It is incredibly unfair, but it happens every day. When these benefits aren’t available through your employer there are groups like Callused Hands Insurance Group. They know from experience the kind of coverage that those doing heavy, laborious work need. They help take the stress away from worrying about if your family is covered if something happens to you. When you don’t know the people you are working with in construction or welding, or who you can trust, you can breathe easier knowing the people you love will be taken care of. With some planning and investment, you can make all the hours and days you are away from your family a little more worth it

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