Want to get in touch?  Let's talk!
I started Callused Hands Insurance Group to focus on the blue collar hard working trademen like yourself that so many companies and demographics look over. Trades is the backbone of this great country, without people like you, there wouldn't be concrete to stand on, buildings to marvel at, water to be drank from a fountain, bridges to drive over, elevators to take, and the list goes on and on. Let me see if I can help you make your future better protected and much brighter. 

The team and I operate 

Sunday 1-5pm for those who only have Sunday off CST 
M-F 11-6pm Central Time typcially. I will work after your work hours if I need to. 

To contact myself and my team reach out to email below. Email typically has faster response time, if you have any questions.



**You must watch short training video before you can schedule on my calendar**

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